Hello, and welcome to ‘The Yorkshire School of Sewing’. Hopefully, on this website there is something to interest everyone who loves to sew; from beginners, those wishing to return to sewing, through to the more experienced seamstresses amongst you who want to further develop your skills and knowledge and learn all the secrets of couture fashion. From a very early age, I too have always loved sewing with a passion! I have a needle and thread in my hand at every opportunity. This goes right back to the days of the swinging 60’s, making my first Mary Quant mini dress! With this passion, I went onto study fashion and design, and then on to support this with a teaching qualification. I first started teaching general dressmaking, and then developed onto teaching City and Guilds Fashion and Design, some 25 years ago. Dressmaking has become increasingly popular in recent years with both the young and the not so young ladies wanting to learn the skills of this wonderful craft, either just as a hobby, or to develop a career in Fashion and Design. It’s such a satisfying feeling when you wear one of your own creations and receive great comments from others on how fabulous you look, and how clever you are to have made it! There is a definite need for a Professional Sewing School here in the Northern region, so, from this, I created ‘The Yorkshire School of Sewing’. Classes are carried out both in Roundhay, North Leeds and at Fine Fabrics in Harrogate. At Fine Fabrics you will find there is a good selection of quality fabrics which are sensibly priced. Should anyone want to learn something that is not included in the workshops/courses – no problem! Just let me know and I will endeavour to include your requirements in future workshops. On the Contact Us page you will find my contact information, a booking form and enquiries page. There is also a calendar of dates when the classes will be running. I look forward to hearing from you soon and hopefully meeting you in the near future when we can share our interest and enthusiasm. Happy sewing!! Gillian

New Year from the Yorkshire school of sewing

February 2016 newsletter

Hello everyone, hope this finds you well and looking forward to spring!!

I’m sure you have all recovered from Christmas by now and well into using your time with what you love to do, like sewing!!!

Hope the ones who received a new sewing machine as a Christmas present have got to grips with it by now, if not, I do have just 2 places left on this months ‘know your sewing machine‘ in Leeds, Wednesday 24th February

Or even a new overlocker. Overlockers, have become a must for lots and lots of people this year – these are great aids to your sewing but are feared by many. Like everything, once you are shown and have the ‘knowledge’ you very quickly become very confident and go home raring to overlock everything in sight. Even making a quick easy jacket completely using the overlocker is started in the class. If you missed out on the previous classes there is still some availability on the 30th March.  Just let me know. If there is enough interest I will put another class on and try for a Saturday.

Inspired new comers 

Thank you to the new ladies from the November Knitting and Stitching show who have been inspired to pick up their sewing again to improve existing sewing skills. Some of these ladies have come along to one, or even, two of the classes in January. Whetting their appetite to really get into sewing again.

Coming along to any of the workshops, I’m sure you will not be disappointed. You will learn how to sew ‘properly’ and how to achieve a polished and professional finish with a whole variety of tips and techniques to make your handy work look good.  Of course, not forgetting that whatever you make needs to ‘fit perfectly’ so as it doesn’t look like it’s ‘home made’ I have the answers and able to give you the knowledge you need to achieve this.

Also, not forgetting my longer term ladies who have continued to come along to lots of the classes, each time increasing their sewing skills and knowledge on how to make their sewing look polished, professional and with a beautiful fit!

New year learning 

Just a quick update of what’s been happening in the last couple of months. More and more interested people coming along for the ‘start at the beginning’  realising just how wonderful it is to be able to sew, then progressing onto other classes to develop their skills further.

‘Sewing essentials for a professional finish’ is a really good class for those of you who are returners to sewing, after many years of concentrating on family and work, and now have more free time, or just simply want to achieve a beautiful professional finish to your work. 

The fitting workshops ‘perfect fit to flatter dress’ ladies always go home very pleased with the results of having a dress that fit them properly – always a good class to help with difficulties on fitting, especially anyone who has an awkward to fit figure – we get it just right for you. This also applies to the ‘prefect fit to flatter trouser pattern drafting’ class – large bottoms, flat bottoms, bigger tummies, long legs short legs – not a problem. Just give up buying a commercial pattern they are all difficult to get a good fit – just make your own, again, you won’t be disappointed. 

Then of course ‘little black dress’ numbers, everyone loves to make that special little something for themselves, on this class we get your dress to ‘fit perfectly’ and incorporate all the special couture finishes – enjoying every minute of creating a lovely dress.

New spring ideas

There are just so many wonderful design ideas these days to give you lots of inspiration, especially on Pinterest – ( just google if you’re not familiar with the site)

Also the pattern Companies are coming up with some better style patterns this season – for instance, have a look at the new Vogue 1486 fabbie skirt pattern – not to everyone’s taste I know, but I’ll be making this soon, as for a ‘hippy’ person like myself (not with the flowers – just around the hips I mean) it’s surprising just how much a full skirt slims you down and balances your line – an optical illusion – but that’s what clever dressing is!

We cover a wide range of classes from the’ keep it simple to begin with’ onto just whatever you have in mind if you have any of your own creations but don’t know how to go about it, just let me know – we can make ‘anything’ you like – bring it to the help at hand day

March Forthcoming classes: 

Little black dress                              Thursday 3rd March                        Leeds

Fit to flatter dress                            Wednesday 2nd March                   Harrogate

Little green jacket                            Saturday 5th Mach                           Harrogate

Sewing Essentials                             Wednesday 9th March                    Harrogate

Pattern drafting skirts                     Thursday 10th March                      Leeds

Chanel Style jackets                         Saturday 12/19 March                  Leeds

Fit to flatter trousers                       Thursday 17th March                     Leeds

Pattern drafting

Start at the beginning                     Saturday 26th March                       Leeds

Know your overlocker                     Wednesday 30th March                 Harrogate

Help at hand                                      Thursday 31st March                      Leeds 

Hope there is something here of interest to you, if any dates don’t suit, just let me know and I’m sure we can work something out for you.

Further calendar dates can be found on the website below.

All classes take place in either Roundhay Leeds and at Fine Fabrics in Harrogate – again, click on the Web link below for all details.

Any question please just let me know.

Enjoy  your sewing!