Course Calendar

Workshop Dates Nov 2018 – April 2019

Dates in red = weekends             (H) = Harrogate      others = Leeds

 Topic Nov Dec Jan Feb March April
Start at the very beginning 1 12(H) 2
Sewing Essentials 4 9 23(H) 4
Masterclass in fitting 28(H) 26 7 9
Fit to flatter dress 8 &  23 9 (H) 6  &  30 16
Trouser pattern drafting 14 12(H) 11 6(H) & 16 9 (H) 13
Fitting & sewing knit fabrics 15(H) 30 16
Couture bridal gowns (3 days class) 7 (H)


(day 1)

(day 2)

(day 3)
Classic Chanel style jackets     (2 days class)  13 & 20

20 & 27 (H) 23 & 30
Couture dress

(2 days class)

20 2


3 & 10  


10 & 17(H)
Couture skirts


Chic coats and jackets (2 days) 3 & 17(H) 15 & 22 3 & 10
Pattern drafting skirts 27
Know your overlocker   19  24
Know your sewing machine 24 31
Soft furnishings 12 12

4 thoughts on “Course Calendar

  1. Hi, I’d like to book my wife onto your “know your sewing machine” one day course on 08/01/17 if that’s possible?

    Many thanks,

    Clive Ford

    • Hello Clive

      I’ve tried to email you through my normal email but just keeps bouncing back so trying method now. could you just acknowledge receipt through :

      However,Thank you for your email regarding the above class for your wife.

      Good to hear she would be interested in getting to grips with her sewing machine.

      It’s so good when you can make your own clothes, and finish them off beautifully, you can have just what you want, in any colour that you like, and feel proud that ‘you’ have made it!! – and no one else has anything like it.

      For this class, obviously your wife would need to bring her sewing machine and also the instruction manual, and any of the attachments she has for it. We will work on using all the attachments so she will fully understand just what they can do to help improve her sewing. (would you let me know which model of machine she has please?)

      I will supply all fabric samples, zips, etc. to work with, but if your wife has any particular fabric she wants to work on just bring that along also.

      All classes start at 10.00am – 4.30pm and the fee for all classes is £75 for the full day. We work with smaller groups of approximately 4/5 this way each individual receives lots of quality time and attention.

      Clive I’m assuming this class will be a Christmas gift to her?? If so, you would like me to send you a Christmas gift voucher letter about the day just let me know, then you can give this to her on Christmas day?

      For ease Clive, you will see I have attached a booking form for you, if you be kind enough to complete this etc. and pop back to me, via email will be fine. This will secure your wife’s place. On receipt, I will confirm back to you immediately and send you all the joining instructions for the day.

      If you would like any further information at this stage please just let me know.

      Thank you Clive and look forward to hearing from you soon.

      Until then

      Kind regards
      0113 2933 085
      07532 110 219

  2. Hello I’m interested in the Fit to Flatter dress course on Dec 2nd in Roundhay Leeds. I’m an experienced seamstress and have recently started making clothes for myself but am put off but the bad fit, so this looks perfect for me.

  3. Hello Julia, lovely to hear from you and yes, no problem for the 2nd December. I have added your name to the class.
    Julie just literally returned home from a long weekend away, can I get back to you later today with all the details for the class? thank you and talk very soon. Thank you Gillian

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