Fitting and Sewing Knit Fabrics

As knits continue to be fashionable with a whole array of choice available these days, more and more sewers are wanting to make comfortable knit garments. Knit fabric stretches to fit, making it an ideal choice for many body types, especially using lightweight knit fabric that drapes in soft smooth vertical folds that can give a very pleasing finish and a visually elongated look to your figure.

However, it’s not always that straight forward if you don’t have the knowledge and skill on how to handle these fabrics. Sewing with knits often presents fitting issues like, gaping and twisting creating an unflattering look and usually just end up disappointed in the results after all your hard work.

So don’t give up yet! – as on this workshop you will learn all about the:

  • characteristics of knit fabric
  • selecting the right size pattern – information on this will be given when booking
  • checking pattern details
  • drape fitting
  • pattern adjustments
  • stabilizing certain areas
  • handling/sewing knit fabrics for a beautiful finish on seams and hems.

Although having an overlocking machine is advantageous when sewing knits, it is not absolutely necessary, as using a normal sewing machine will still produce a good finish. The knowhow on this will be learnt on the day.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £80 per day

Just bring your own choice of pattern and knit fabric.

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