Help at Hand Day

Need some help and advice to get that project finished you’ve had for as long as you can remember?
Are you working on something that you were so enthusiastic about only to find that you are coming to a sticky end where you’re just not quite sure what to do next.
Maybe it doesn’t fit right, screwed up in the bottom of your sewing basket because you have lost all motivation or you feel totally defeated.

Well, don’t worry, just bring it along and let me help you with your problem and give you solutions, ideas and inspiration to get it finished.
Or maybe you just need some advice to help you gain confidence to start your new project.

Again, I can help and guide you through the process, showing you the ‘tricks of the trade’ giving you some tips and also demonstrate to show you how.
Just a lovely day ‘sewing’ with likeminded people, learning from each other in an informal and friendly environment – but especially receiving the support and attention you need for that successful outcome!

Duration: 1 day

Cost £80 per day



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