Know your Overlocking Machine

An informative workshop where you can learn how to use your overlocking machine effectively and with confidence to help you produce professional sewing results – other than just neatening off seams.
Overlockers, also known as Sergers, can simplify and speed up so many of the common tasks used in sewing. Working at more than twice the speed of a domestic sewing machine, an overlocker is a pleasure to use and makes the task of sewing much quicker, neatening edges as you sew, plus other finishes you can achieve.

With easy to follow step by step demonstrations and instructions you will learn how to:

  • understand the working parts of the overlocker
  • thread your overlocker
  • achieve the correct tension for the fabric being used
  • use the ‘differential’ feed
  • produce decorative seams and stiches
  • use the rolled hem and other special feet to achieve a fabulous finish

Learning also what else the machine can do for you other than neatening seams, plus lots of other tips and tricks to master the machine.

At the end of the day you will have lots of sample seams/decorative finishes to keep as a reference reminder for future use. You’ll be using a variety of woven and stretch knit fabrics, and go home with a simple easy fit overlocked top.

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £80 per day
Material costs: bring your own top fabric


9 thoughts on “Know your Overlocking Machine

    • Hi Caroline. March 6th is the next overlocker class. If that doesn’t suit you might be best giving Gillian a ring to work out a better time or use the Contact Us page to send her a message. Hope that helps.

  1. Hi
    My wife would like a over locker for her 60 birthday on th 24 of this month
    Would it be possible to get her on your course on the 27th?
    Do you recommend any over lockers and where I can get one?
    Would it be better to get the machine after your course.
    Cheers Laurie

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