Know your Sewing Machine

An informative workshop where you can learn how to use your sewing machine effectively and to help you produce professional sewing results.

You will learn about the various machine feet and stitching accessories, designed to increase the versatility and efficiency of your sewing machine.
Your machine’s assortment of accessories will inspire new ideas and expand its capabilities.
We will also look at solving common sewing machine problems together with choosing the right needle, thread and stitch length for different types of fabric.
Throughout the day you will be working on sample pieces to build into a future source for reference.

So, bring your own sewing machine along, and don’t forget its manual!

Duration: 1 day

Cost: £80 per day

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One thought on “Know your Sewing Machine

  1. My husband bought me a sewing maching 3 years ago and i need to use it. So i am going to join a day class teaching me how to use it and problem solving skills.

    Happy sewer lizzie.x

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