The Couture dress – Day or Evening wear

Just that little timeless something every woman should have in her wardrobe that can be adapted very easily, dressed up or down, depending on the occasion. Could be based on a Grace Kelly sleek look, or use one of the fabulous vintage patterns that’s available today, the sky‘s the limit to look good either through the day or for that special occasion.

Bring your own choice of pattern and fabric to work on. You will produce a calico toile first and I will fit it for you to ensure a perfect fit, when the fit is right you can progress to make up your fabric.

You will learn couture construction and special techniques, tips and tricks to get the ‘couture look’ you want together with achieving a comfortable fit.

Gain knowledge on using the, all important, appropriate interfacing /interlining, suitable seam and hem finishes depending on fabric used.

Learn the simple and easy, but effective ways to dress this little number up or down making it a versatile piece that you can always fall back on when – ‘I have nothing to wear’.

Advice and guidance will be given when booking on appropriate patterns and fabrics to use.

Duration: 2 Days

Cost: £80 per day

Material Costs: Own pattern and fabrics


2 thoughts on “The Couture dress – Day or Evening wear

    • Hi Elande
      I hope you were able to check the course calendar page at the top of the screen for the various course dates. Prices are detailed in the booking form on the contact us page.

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