Pattern Fitting Solutions

This class is a must to solve your problems on fitting!!


We can all be the most beautiful seamstress but how many times have you laboured on a project only to be disappointed in the final result because it doesn’t fit correctly.

When learning to sew, generally people concentrate on their sewing skills and forget about the importance of fit, the correct fit, for your figure. This of course is so vitally import if you want to achieve a professional look so as no one would ever know you had made it yourself.

This workshop will give you the knowledge you need as to why the patterns do not always fit well, and know how to adjust the patterns for common fitting problems of skirts, bodices and sleeves to achieve a comfortable professional finish..

We will look at:

  • Understanding your figure type
  • Taking your body measurements, compare to the pattern – what’s the difference?
  • Pattern adjustments, how, why, where, needed to get a quality  fit for ‘your’ figure
  • Fine tuning points of fitting

At the end of the day you will have gained a good ground knowledge on what makes a good fit, how to achieve that fit, and tackle the alterations with confidence.


Duration: 1 day

Cost: £80 per day

Materials: own pattern choice, firm cotton for producing a toile for your garment.

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One thought on “Pattern Fitting Solutions

  1. I really want to learn how to use patterns some patterns am OK with mostly am OK with cutting the patterns out my most problems is putting the patterns together, can you help is there any course

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