Start at the very beginning


An easy informal day for the real beginner, or anyone who needs to brush up on old skills.

Starting right at the very beginning you will learn the fundamentals of dressmaking, I will help you gain knowledge and confidence to go home and tackle a new project.

We’ll look at:

  • which style/designs suit your particular figure type
  • characteristics of a variety of fabrics
  • basics of choosing the correct fabrics/interfacing for your pattern choice
  • understanding all details included in a commercial pattern
  • transferring pattern markings and what they all mean
  • understanding grain lines
  • understanding the basics of well fitted garments
  • simple pattern alterations/adjustments
  • gain knowledge on the basic essentials of using a sewing machine and what it can do for you
  • introduce basic sewing skills – seams, zips, facings and hems and buttonholes

Working samples will be taken away to use as a future reference.
You may bring your own sewing machine, and don’t forget the manual!
Duration: 1 day

Cost: £80 per day


15 thoughts on “Start at the very beginning

  1. Hi,
    This course sounds perfect for me! I have some skills but I generally just guess how to do most things. Can you please tell me when you will next be running the workshop please?

  2. Hi, What time does the course run from/to please – for the Leeds venue? Also, is there parking at the Leeds venue please?Do you still have space for the 24th January please? Look forward to hearing from you, Regards.

    • Hello Amy Lovely to hear from you and great to hear how you are interested in learning to sew. It’s so good when you can make your own clothes, you can have just what you want, in any colour that you like, and feel proud that ‘you’ have made it!! – and no one else has anything like it.

      Certainly coming along to classes you will gain all the necessary skills to achieve that ‘polished and professional finish’

      The ‘Start at the very beginning’ workshop is perfect for someone who has very little, or no sewing experience at all.

      For this particular workshop you don’t really need to bring anything, – I will supply everything, you just need to bring a simple skirt pattern, and at the end of the day you will go home with all the basic knowledge you need to start sewing and the skills to make this simple skirt, with a zip, waist band and how to take a hem up, all with a very professional finish.

      All classes start at 10.00am – 4.30pm and the fee for all classes is £75 for the full day. We work with smaller groups of approximately 4/5 this way each individual received lots of time and attention. No problem with parking! look forward to hearing from you Gillian

  3. Hi

    Do you run evening classes rather than a full day for the Beginner, if so can you please give me the dates, times and prices.

    Ive checked on the website and can’t seem to find anything other than full day classes.


    • Hello Bushra
      lovey to hear from you but unfortunately all my classes are full days – each class runs from 10.00am – 4.30pm and a fee of £75 for the full day. Classes are run with only 3/4 students to allow lots of individual time and attention and are held in both Leeds and Harrogate week days and weekends. all details of the classes can be found on my website or please email me. Thank you Bushra regards Gillian

      • hello Bushra further to your enquiry about the beginners classes,if you look on my course calendar you will see a whole variety of dates to the end of the year. Please just email me if you need any help. look forward to hearing from you kind regards Gillian

    • Hello Rachel dates for the beginners course: 11 July 1 Aug (Harrogate) 10 Sept 3 Oct 7 Nov (Harrogate). All details can be found on my website and an updated course calendar of dates.
      if you would like to come along to any of the dates please just email me and I will send you a booking form and all the necessary details. Kind regards

    • Hello Rachel, so sorry I’ve not got back to you earlier – just come back from holiday. However,lovely to hear from you and yes of course I will send you a booking form for the 3rd October. I’m having difficulty attaching the form through this method. Would you mind just popping me an email and I can send it better through that method. Thank you Rachel and wait to hear from you. Kind regards Gillian

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